There has been no better time to start working on your finances!

These times are “unprecedented”, and we have all heard many financial horror stories just in the last week. We here at MJB want to alleviate your fears and give you the system that will have you emerge out of this crisis thriving, not just surviving.

Our clients have been messaging us all week saying “thank goodness” they implemented these Wealth Principles because now they are not emotional about their financial situation.

You may say, well that’s great, but why should I bother doing it now?

Our answer, there has never been a better time to stop and start evaluating and implementing a financial system. The world has given you permission to STOP and start working on you!

If you are feeling scared or in fear of how you will survive through this crisis, then your emotions are running your finances.

When you start doing this course, you will feel an immediate sense of relief as implementing the Wealth Principles means you take the emotion out of your finances.
This puts YOU back in control and gives you time to do the most important things (particularly during these times) like; spend more time connecting with your family, working on your future you and staying healthy.

This system was created and mastered for many years, but we started teaching it during the Global Financial Crisis, and it is tried and tested to see people through financial hardships and help them begin building their wealth.
The people that have learned these principles and implemented them are contacting us with hearts full of gratitude as they have more than enough to tide them over during these uncertain times.

There has been no better time to start working on your finances!


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What This Course Tackles

Our objective is to teach you a new and improved system, so you not only establish more emotional stability around wealth, but also learn how to implement the financial principles to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. No guessing involved.

Over the many lessons in the Transform Your Wealth course, you’ll discover a new way of thinking and doing, whilst walking away with a deeper and more extensive knowing, which includes:

  • the sh@*ty conditioning we’ve all undergone around money
  • the lack of education we’ve received on handling our finances

“You do not have to have money to make money. If you have enough money to spend on anything, then the Wealth Principles® will help show you how to create your financial future” – Mills

Regardless of your current position, you can learn the steps to establish financial security for life. Because until you shift your thinking about money, you’re going to continue cycling, caught in the delusion that you’ll only ever be able to have XYZ in your bank account – or only be able to achieve XYZ with your personal and professional freedom.

There’s enough money in the world for us to each personally have $10 million dollars… so why don’t we?

Simple: because of the crappy conditioning which has prevented so many of us from feeling we have an actual shot at wealth. Yet that can change. By learning this system, you’ll understand how to truly play the game. Plus you’ll never have to compete for the same pool of cash, as there’s enough money out there for everyone (no chicken wing elbows needed!)

What You’ll Take Away

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll have learned:

a new approach to mastering your money, using a robust and proven system that takes emotion out of the equation and progressively grows your wealth.

how your personal money perceptions first formed – and how they may be influencing you to this day.

a newfound knowledge of the universal laws and principles that actually govern money and wealth (huge!)

how to combine the mindset, the system and the belief so that money no longer acts as a knee-jerk source of stress.

Who Enrols?

Over the years we’ve found three types of people who benefit from this course:

  1. The ZERO Traction peeps: those living pay-check to pay-check  with barely any left over at the end of the month, who work doggedly for their money rather than having their money work for them.
  2. The HAD Traction peeps: those who were once on track to getting their bank account into fighting shape, but somehow lost it along the way and now need help picking the thread back up.
  3. The CURIOUS peeps: those who have a proven record of increasing their wealth, are perhaps already following a system, but are on the lookout to make even more mula.

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

Well, whether you’re scrambling to make ends meet, or you’ve got a sh@*t tonne of money and want to discover how to generate even more – this course is the one for you.

Praise for Master Mind and Money: