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  • Course duration: over 20 hours
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  • Three core Wealth Principles focus areas
  • 53 learning insights
  • 30 downloadable exercises
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“When I discovered this system and realised how powerful it was, I knew I had to make it part of my life’s work to share it with as many people as possible.” – Mills, Transform Your Wealth Facilitator

Why are you here?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want more money? It’s the universal currency for doing, well, anything you want, right?

No grind. More time. More freedom. More choice. More opportunity. More experience. More fun.

Money, mullah, ca ching!

True wealth comes down to four things

  • Emotional Balance
  • Reason for being
  • Money organisation
  • Natural law

What the wealthy already know and live by


The wealthy understand the difference between thinking they deserve to be wealthy and knowing they’re worthy.


The wealthy move the focus away from money itself and toward the reasons for why they want it.


The wealthy organise their money using a system that works with the universal laws that govern where money flows.

Transform your wealth. Transform your life.

What would it be like to know no limits? What if you could live your life completely on your terms and be unapologetically you, to put all your energy into what inspires you instead of burning out in a nine-to-five? Imagine being a person of influence who people listen to and respect, or mingling amongst the greatest leaders and smartest minds of our time. Imagine being in a position to really make a difference to the lives of hundreds, thousands, millions – a difference only the truly wealthy can afford – and the legacy you could leave behind long after you’re gone…

Transform your wealth and get ready for a new kind of normal

  • Set your intentions for wealth success
  • Plan your long term financial future
  • Turn your pipe dreams into a financial reality
  • Increase your wealth potential
  • Organise your finances with confidence
  • Grow your savings and shink your debt
  • Put yourself in the driver’s seat and direct your life where you want it to go.
  • Become financially responsible and be rewarded for your efforts
  • Feel inspired and excited about your finances

When you’re truly wealthy, there are no limits.

Meet your facilitators…

Hey, I’m Mitch

I’m a Speaker, Educator and a Specialist Human Development Facilitator. I’ve been teaching in the field for over 25 years and have shared the stage with some of the greatest minds of our time. I get to do great things in my life, but it wasn’t always that way. At one time. I was $385K in debt, my credit cards were maxed and my personal life had completely spiralled out of control. That was when I started asking myself some bigger life questions. How do I want to live my life? What do I want to experience? Who do I want to be? It was then I knew I was the only one responsible for picking up the reigns of my life and directing it where I wanted it to go. Since then, I’ve spent many years studying wealth and the wealthy, and have become wealthy myself along the journey. Money is the easiest thing to attract when you know the rules. That’s what this course is all about, and I can’t wait to share this life-changing knowledge with you.

Hi there, I’m Mills

I’m a Speaker, Presenter, Educator, Writer, and Human Development Facilitator. I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the best educators in the field of Human Development. Teaching is my jam. I love, love, love to teach. It’s what I was put on this earth for. When I learnt about the wealth principles, three things went through my mind: 1. This is so bloody simple and it totally makes sense; 2. Why isn’t this system taught in every school in every country around the world?; and 3. I’m going to share this with as many people as possible. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. It’s part of my calling, and I can’t wait for you to discover this system for yourself.


“Don’t wait another day! My family and I feel calm, financially protected, and have zero fear about the future.” – Chani Thompson

“I’m a financial advisor and I can honestly say, since properly implementing the wealth principles a year ago, I’ve completely transformed my emotions around money. I now use this formula in my business so that my clients, who come to me for expert financial advice, have the opportunity to put this in place for themselves. Without questions, this is the most powerful financial strategy one can implement.” – Peter Childe-Freeman

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Total course duration: 20 hours


  • 100% high-quality video delivery
  • Three core Wealth Principles focus areas
  • 53 learning insights
  • 30 downloadable exercises
  • Organise your finances with confidence
  • Bite-sized video lessons so you can learn on the go whenever you want
  • All course content conveniently located in one place
  • Yours to access any time

Money flows to where it’s organised most.

“I’ll never be caught out by a global crisis again
“When the GFC hit in 2008, I lost everything: two houses, a large-scale business and my entire inheritance. I had to live in a caravan with no power, no money, and a whole pile of emotional baggage. When I found out about the wealth principles, I started implementing them into my life right away. Since then my life has done a dramatic turnaround. As the world now scrambles to get through the corona virus situation, I’m financially secure and emotionally certain that I’ll never be caught out by another global crisis again. This system proves that you can achieve financial success no matter what your current situation is.” – Susan Whelan

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