So… you’ve got 47 tabs open in your brain… and for the life of you, you don’t know where the music is coming from. Sound familiar?

You’re someone who is on the go and eager to get on with life! Whether it’s rushing to take care of the kids, get to work, clean the house, or catch up with friends, you struggle to find a spare moment in the day.

But that’s left you restless. And wondering if you’ll ever achieve your dreams.

What if we told you that this need to ‘always be busy’ is a trauma response.

When you do this, you are filling an internal void with external gratification. For you – that’s a distraction, or procrastination, or indecision. And it’s all so you don’t have to focus on the real problem.

But we can help. And we promise – you’ll still be able to get all that other stuff done too.

Option 1

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