TYW Zoom Call Subscription

$9.95 / month

This Zoom call subscription is PRICELESS as once a month you have access to Mills to ask any questions about the Wealth Principles.
This subscription was created to assist you with ongoing support to ensure you put the right systems in place to financially and emotionally bridge the gap from where you are today, to where you want to be.

Once you purchase, you will start receiving emails reminders about dates and time of the Zoom calls so make sure you pop those times in your diary! If you can’t be on the call, you can email a question you would like answered to info@mjbseminars.com.au and Mills will try to answer on that call and you will receive a recording of the call to watch in your own time.

New financial year 2022 dates and times of the Zoom calls are below:

2022 Wealth Principles Dates & Links 

*All calls are 9:30 am PERTH/Singapore time 

*All recordings are sent out the next day via email

3rd of February 

10th of March

7th of April 

26th of May 

10th of June 

21st of July 

18th of August 

8th of September

13 of October 

3rd of November 

8th of December

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