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Mitch Behan from MJB

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At this very moment an innermost dominating thought is playing on rotation in the back of your mind…


It isn’t so much a conscious thought, but an underlying belief..

I’m not good enough…

I’m not smart enough…

I’m not attractive enough…

I’m stupid…

I always quit…

I’m unloveable…

I’m a failure…


You get the picture.

These unconscious beliefs are the reason why most of us unintentionally self-sabotage our relationships, career, and/or our finances, usually just when things are going so well.

Busting through the glass ceiling

When you reach the point where life’s going great, it’s usually the moment you hit your glass ceiling. Without knowing how to break through it, you’ll find a way (self-sabotage) to fall 10-storeys down.

We all unconsciously repeat this pattern because we’re naturally wired to grow and evolve. We feel good when we believe we’re working towards improving our lives.

In reality, we’re just continually falling down and climbing back up that same 10-storey flight of steps.

But!! It doesn’t have to be this way. Once you uncover the knowledge we share in this video, you’ll see why!

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