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Learn to master your finances and become a savings Sensei!

Starts Friday 10 – 16 September 2021

What is the Money Ninja Challenge?

It’s a SIX day Facebook Group Challenge

The Money Ninja Challenge is about becoming a master of MONEY and your life

The BIG question is, are you ready for the challenge? 

What will the Money Ninja Challenge reveal about you?

The Money Ninja Challenge includes five fun games, three downloadables, a pile of silliness and a stack of ‘a-ha’ moments.

How you show up during challenges is a direct reflection of how you show up in your lives.

The Money Ninja Challenge will open your mind to a new ways to tackle life's roadblocks.

Silly games. Serious wisdom.

The Money Ninja Challenge is hosted by Mitch Behan, Emilia Tomeo (Mills) and the team at MJB.
At MJB, we live and breathe the work we do, which is to guide the way toward our highest human potential.
We’re serious about personal development, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Join the Money Ninja Challenge to experience something new about yourself.
Discover the universal rules of life and learn how to master your emotions and finances.  

What will the Money Ninja Challenge reveal about you?

The Money Game

Emilia Tomeo (Mills)

Mills is a Human Development Specialist, and the Co-creator and Developer of the Equilibration Process®. She holds a Bachelor of Education and has spent over 16 years coaching people toward their greatest human potential. She is the key driving force in the creation and development of the Equilibration Process® and how the world experiences it today. She is a Speaker, Presenter, Educator, Writer, Facilitator and Wealth Principles Coach for MJB Seminars.

Mitch Behan

Mitch is a Human Development Specialist and Educator, Presenter, and Speaker, and is the Co-creator and Developer of the Equilibration Process®. He is the Head Director, Head Facilitator and Master Equilibrator for MJB Seminars. Mitch loves travelling the world, leading transformational seminars and experiences to thousands. His personal clients include Doctors, Neuroscientists, Psychiatrists, CEO’s, and Professional Sports Personalities.

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