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About Your Host

Hi, I’m Mike Johnston

MJB Seminars Head Coach and Business Strategist

Mike has worked with leadership teams of some of Australia’s largest companies including Chandler Macleod, NuComm International, and Canva, to translate mindset practices into real-world results.

He has trained with some of the world’s biggest coaches: Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Mitch Behan, Karl Bryan, and Keith Cunningham. And has worked with some of Canada’s strongest sports coaches: Roger Neilson, Mac McLean and Dave Smart.

Mike has earned a reputation for success by taking the complex areas of business and breaking them down into practical step-by-step strategies and processes. He approaches business the same way he approaches sport: Focused deliberate practice, eye on the fundamentals, with a goal-oriented winner’s mindset, and analytical and driven approach.

Mike’s clients consistently secure 30-250% growth in their business with many going well beyond that. He is an advocate for strong financial literacy and enjoys teaching businesses what they need to know in a fun, no-jargon way. Most of all, Mike wakes up in the morning excited to help businesses find or rediscover their purpose.