Flip The Script Live Online
Rewrite your past. Reshape your future.
A 2-Day immersive experience designed for you to breakthrough

Unearth your true story

Turn your roadblocks into your ultimate
secret weapon

Discover your seven unique gifts

Reshape your future with clarity of vision

Develop your visual goal map for success 

What’s stopping you?

Why aren’t you showing the world who you really are?

The you who is bold, clear and certain of your worth.

… The you who knows exactly what to say at exactly the right time.

… The you who knows what you want, and who isn’t afraid to stand by it. 

… The you who refuses to let fear get in your way. 

Your story is the only thing standing in your way

I can’t leave him because I know
what it feels like to be abandoned….
My family just don’t get me…
People always leave me…
I can’t commit to a relationship…
I always end up leaving or cheating…
Drama seems to follow me wherever I go…
Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?…
He didn’t call it must mean he doesn’t like me…
I could never do a job like that because I’m not smart enough / focused enough /
driven enough / good enough…

Flipping the script will be the most important thing you do.

Why aren’t you showing the world who you really are?

Everything else in your life will fall into place when you remove the story holding you back. 

You’ll walk away knowing with absolute certainty, that you already have
everything you need to achieve your full potential.

Within you.

The Flip The Script Seminar Experience

Flip the script is a live virtual seminar hosted by Mitch, Mills and Querida and delivered via Zoom straight into your living room (or bedroom!). You’ll be given an exclusive private log in to the seminar room, which is where you’ll also be able to access and download all your resources. 

Everything you’ll learn over the two-days has been specifically designed and facilitated to show you the key components you need to access your greatness. Each segment holds a piece of the knowledge puzzle that you are missing. 

Over the course of the two days, you’ll be asked a series of questions which have been formulated over years of research and experience within the field of human potential. These questions and their sequence have been meticulously formulated to draw out your subconscious story so that you can see it in plain sight and identify the precise moment this story started playing out in your life. 

We reveal the seven story types to help you identify yours so you can recognise how that plays out in your life. Plus, you’ll learn the science behind your story and the biological nature of your beliefs. 

We’ll explain what taking responsibility really means, how to set clear boundaries and broadcast yourself with strong and clear intention.  

You’ll learn the science behind natural law and how it has worked in your life to make sure you have everything you need within you (which you’ll see with total clarity in this seminar!) so that you CAN live the life you’ve been scared to live up til now.

The true story of who you are will be revealed to you based on all the answers you’ve provided throughout the seminar experience.  This will be your new script to take to the world. Your new story will reinforce all the knowledge gained throughout the seminar. 

Your new script will:

  • join the dots between people, places and events in your life to show you the love that you’ve been missing
  • reveal the unique gifts life has given you on purpose. 
  • bring you a level of clarity and certainty about your life you’ve never experienced before. 

You’re now ready to reshape your future. We’ll show you how to turn your past roadblocks into your secret weapon and incorporate your 7 unique gifts into your visual goal map.

Mitch Behan

Why do my relationships always end up the same?

Because underneath, you have been telling yourself the same story since you were young, and with that story comes your belief about yourself and the world. That’s why you keep having similar experiences over and over again. The landscape might be different. The people are different. The reason might be different, too. But the story is always the same.

Why does what I really want seem just outside my reach?

One word. Fear. Your story has kept you ‘safe’ where you are, but in reality, it is keeping you stuck. It’s the one and only thing stopping you from stepping outside of what’s comfortable and becoming the full-throttle, incredibly talented, powerful person that you already are, right now, outside of your story.

I don’t know what I want.

Yes, you do. You just can’t see it yet. But the answer is already in you. It’s the story we tell ourselves that clouds our long term vision. When you see a different side to your story, what you’re here to do will become crystal clear. Promise.

Why do I always feel misunderstood?

You may feel like this is one hundred percent true. You might even be able to reel off 20 examples of times when people have misunderstood you or your intentions. But why do you think this experience keeps happening to you? The clue lies in the story you’ve been telling yourself since you were young. There is another version of your story, and it’s truer than what you’ve always believed.

Meet your hosts

Mitch Behan is the Co-creator and Developer of the Equilibration Process®. He is a Human Development Specialist and Educator, Presenter, and Speaker. He is the Head Director, Head Facilitator and Master Equilibrator for MJB Seminars. He travels the world leading transformational seminars and experiences to thousands. His personal clients include Doctors, Neuroscientists, Psychiatrists, CEO’s, and Professional Sports Personalities.


Emilia Tomeo (Mills) is the Co-creator and Developer of the Equilibration Process®. She holds a Bachelor of Education and has spent over 16 years working within the personal development industry. She is the key driving force in the creation and development of the Equilibration Process® and how the world experiences it today. She is a Speaker, Presenter, Educator, Writer, Facilitator and Wealth Principles Coach for MJB Seminars. 


Presenting for the first time on stage (be it a virtual one) is our Head Equilibrator and Impact Coach Querida!

Querida is our Heart Ninja, someone who flipped the script on her life when she attended R&Y six years ago and then felt the divine calling to support others to do the same.


What is Flip the Script?

Flip the Script is a term we coined to describe what happens when you unravel the story you’ve been telling yourself all of your life.

“I am not smart enough; I am not pretty enough; I am not strong enough.”

We FLIP that story around to show you that everything that has “happened” to you has actually helped give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Who is Flip the Script For?

While this seminar is for everyone, you’ll need to be ready to take action, attend with an open heart and mind, and have the determination to do all the activities, to ensure you get the best experience possible!

We want those people who WANT to change the course of their lives and join us on a path to achieve greatness.

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What will I get out of it?

You’ll get out of it what you put in… which means:

Over the course of the two days, you will unravel your history, see and identify recurring patterns and behaviours in your life. And flip your story into a bright new future. We’ll also give you the tools and some sneaky tricks to pave your own pathway going forwards. But you’ll have to do the work.

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What is my story?

Your story is a belief, bubbling up in your subconscious, whispering that you’re not good enough.

It’s the reason you didn’t apply for that job. Or stayed in a bad relationship longer than you should have. It’s the excuses you keep coming back to. Every “I’ll never be rich, I’m too fat, or I’m a failure.”

What if we looked at your story in a different way! What if your story actually made you perfect the way you are?

Tap to Flip

Experience a new story

Open your eyes and your heart. 

See your world as it really is… 

…beyond your story

“Leave your story at the door and walk in with an open mind.”

– Simone Carrivick

“Feel it all. RESIST NOTHING.”

– Emma Robinson

“When you become the observer of yourself, you’ll see the whole picture and have a far greater insight into how you work.”

– Semra Ataman

“You’ll feel emotional, connected and excited all at the same time”

-Dominic Panetta


Flip the Script

A Live Two-Day Online Interactive Seminar.

Step out of the ordinary and experience yourself as you’ve never done before.

Flip the Script

A Live Two-Day Online Interactive Seminar.

Step out of the ordinary and experience yourself as you’ve never done before.

One Payment In Full

5 Fortnightly Payments



One Payment In Full


5 Fortnightly Payments


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